For most of my life, I barely touched a book. I never had any interest in reading. I was far too busy doing more ‘important’ things like playing video games. But that all changed around five years ago. Continue reading “Books”

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Mobile photography | Editing

For this editing tutorial, I’ll use VSCO because it’s free and everyone has access to it.

Our settings might be different when editing but we’ll have the same process.

I used my old Huawei P20 lite to take this picture. Continue reading “Mobile photography | Editing”


“When you smile, for me, it represents gratitude. It represents that I’m alive. I celebrate the fact that I’m alive. You know, what a concept to celebrate the fact that you have another day of your life which is the greatest gift you can ask for.

Another day to create whatever it is you want. Another day to pursue your goals, your dreams. Another day to experience life to the fullest and to experience all the gifts and joys life has to offer.”

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