Elephant – Erindi, Namibia

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    1. That’s where the internet can be very dangerous. You don’t always see the behind-the-scenes. You only see the ‘good’ stuff. That’s why it might seem so amazing. If I were to show the ‘not so good/boring stuff’, you’ll realize it’s no more amazing than yours.

      Your life is what you make of it. Literaly the small things. Be kind. Spread the love. Your life can change drastically.

      Don’t compare your life to others, including me. You’re devaluing yourself. Live the life you want to live.

      If your life seems mundane, seek discomfort. Do something you’ve always wanted to do, but were too afraid to. Life can then very easily become extraordinary.

      The elephants look like such wise beings, don’t they? πŸ™‚

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        1. You’re absolutely right. I’m busy writing an article about that. I recently had an interview with the curator of Cango Wildlife Ranch here in SA about the importance of creating awareness around the safety of animals. They are in more danger than we think, and it’s all because of human ignorance.

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