For most of my life, I barely touched a book. I never had any interest in reading. I was far too busy doing more ‘important’ things like playing video games. But that all changed around five years ago.

I found my first mentor and he gave me a few books to read and the one lead to another, and another, and so on. It was mostly self-development/psychology and business books. Soon, reading became an obsession.

Roughly three years ago, I stumbled upon a Reddit thread where they were discussing books. They said most people, who read, only read 300 books in their lifetime. That’s around five books a year. For me, that’s not nearly enough because I’m far too curious. So I started reading ‘300 books a year’. Now I should clarify that I never achieve this goal, but it’s a goal none the less.

The point is to read as much as possible.

“But most importantly, gain knowledge.” – This was my idea of books when I started, but after a few years, as someone who enjoys being creative, I realized I need to read a little bit of fiction to stimulate my imagination.

Are there any avid readers out there? What are your thoughts between fiction and non-fiction?

Do you have any book suggestions you would like to share that you feel is a must read?

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  1. I love reading psychology, counseling, life-story and history books. Makes me understand and adjust with different people with different lifestyles. History has always been a very interesting one for me, makes me travel back in time and go places I can’t physically go.

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    1. I like your choice of books and the reason you read them. I do it for the same reason. It’s good to keep an open mind about the world and to remember that everyone is different in their own way, and it’s a good skill to be able to adapt to different people and situations.
      History is a remarkable thing. Not only just for the stories but the lessons it teaches.


  2. Hello Wandering Ambivert!
    I love the intention of 300 books a year. I do perhaps achieve that though often with books that aren’t of literary merit. Who cares – there are some sprinkled in there. I highly recommend anything by Patrick Gale. Also the fabulous Daisy Johnson, a new writer with lyrical poetic prose. My all time ever favourite book and there are many contenders is The Once and Future King by TH White. An epic book covering legend, love, botany, betrayal and the most fabulous descriptions of living as a bird on the wing, an ant, a fish, a hooded hawk.


  3. I love reading fiction and non-fiction. What I love about fiction is that we can imagine along with the writer, and it opens up our minds in creative ways. A few suggestions, though I don’t know if we have similar tastes, are: Anything by Roddy Doyle, though I’d start with his early works; Carl Hiaasen for laughs; American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins; Heft by Liz Moore


  4. For a true reader, Doesn’t matter if it is fiction or non fiction unless you learn something from it. You take out what writer have served for the reader. And when you succeed in doing so that day you became a reader. Try reading Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes. It’s amazing.

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  5. I would suggest you to read The Forty Rules Of Love and Americanah from contemporary fiction. From classic you can try Pride and Prejudice which is my all time favourite.
    In non fiction if you are a history lover than you can try William Dalrymple’s book

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  6. Great topic. I have logged every book I have read since 1978 and I am only up to 858. Your stretch goal is admirable. If I was marooned on a desert isle I would want to have a Bible with me (greatest book ever written in my humble opinion). Also a fat Dostoyevski or Tolstoy novel would be de rigeur. Currently enjoying The Plague by Albert Camus. I usually read 2 non-fiction for every fiction I read. Happy reading!

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  7. I love reading! I try to read as much as possible as well and always go through periods where I read like 4-5 books a week followed by periods where I barely read because I get busy and brush it off. I read pretty much any fiction genres but the books I always recommend as must-reads are The Book Thief, The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns.

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