For most of my life, I barely touched a book. I never had any interest in reading. I was far too busy doing more ‘important’ things like playing video games. But that all changed around five years ago.

I found my first mentor and he gave me a few books to read and the one lead to another, and another, and so on. It was mostly self-development/psychology and business books. Soon, reading became an obsession.

Roughly three years ago, I stumbled upon a Reddit thread where they were discussing books. They said most people, who read, only read 300 books in their lifetime. That’s around five books a year. For me, that’s not nearly enough because I’m far too curious. So I started reading ‘300 books a year’. Now I should clarify that I never achieve this goal, but it’s a goal none the less.

The point is to read as much as possible.

“But most importantly, gain knowledge.” – This was my idea of books when I started, but after a few years, as someone who enjoys being creative, I realized I need to read a little bit of fiction to stimulate my imagination.

Are there any avid readers out there? What are your thoughts between fiction and non-fiction?

Do you have any book suggestions you would like to share that you feel is a must read?

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  1. Nothing against fiction but I would think I don’t have time. My non-fiction books list is way too long. Maybe once the list is going shorter. There more to learn and gain knowledge in the non-fiction that leave me no space on my shelves for the fiction.

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  2. I’m a book addict. If you’re looking for a couple of series, read THE DRESDEN FILES, THE NIGHTSIDE, or SANDMAN SLIM. Kind of violent but magical and a lot of fun. I read a lot of non fiction as well, physics and bio’s on artists, etc. I don’t read family sagas, or things like that.

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  3. I’ve always read. Wherever I happen to be, if there’s print nearby, I have to read it. As a writer, I read a lot to learn my craft. But if I do that too much, I lose the pleasure of reading. I need to choose some things to read just for fun.

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